Unleash your TV experience

Imagine you return home from work, but your favorite team is already playing. You might start watching the game on your phone in the train, but as soon as you arrive home, you would prefer the big screen to continue. To create a seamless experience across very different devices is extremely challenging, as an interface has to feel the same on the tiny smartphone screen as well as on a huge smart TV. But apart from the same look & feel an interface needs also to emphasize on the strengths and differences of the devices in terms of interactions.

Who is the audience?

Zattoo was originally created as a service for digital natives and for people who were not able to receive a traditional tv signal. But with the ubiquity of fast internet the user group of Zattoo rapidly expanded and traditional viewing patterns have become obsolete for a broad audience.

One system for 10+ platforms

A design system for such a diverse set of devices has to be highly flexible, yet recognizable. This is why we chose to feature a universally understandable, but still unique set of icons, a color set that works well on any screen and most importantly: interaction patterns that feel the same across devices even though the input type may be totally different. All of these components are assembled in different contexts of situations or devices, but as they share the same base, every screen feels familiar to the user.

Content overview

This is the starting point of your Zattoo journey. Here you can quickly jump to a channel if you know what you are looking for. If you don’t know, you can discover what might interest you by scrolling through the hand-picked highlights of the day, see what others are currently watching or go through other specialized categories.

Show details

Of course you can dig deeper on every show to research more details like description or cast before watching. But also if you already saw and liked it, you can see shows similar to this one. This emphasizes on your needs and leaves the traditional impersonal tv paradigm behind.

The Player

The player is the core of Zattoo – the place where users spend most of their time. This is why it has to be intuitive and must not break with learned patterns.

But on top of these we were able to provide additional and handy features like switching subtitles or language, seeing a preview while scrubbing or adding it to one of your lists. All of these features can be done without leaving the screen or interrupting the experience.