Would you like to know what we did so far? Take a look at our projects below.

Is everybody up-to-date?

When we started our collaboration with beyerdynamic they already had bluetooth headphones released. Unfortunately there was no plan on how to bring software updates to the headphone. Of course the most obvious way to do this is via the app, which we also designed. As this is not possible for the early models we had to create a tool suitable for this task.

Enabling the smart worker

plus10 approached us with the concept of making an app for operators of a manufacturing line. The background is that every line has a theoretical target output that is realistically not reachable because of different reasons: Materials have to be refilled, machine parts constantly break or get overheated and repairing personnel is not omnipresent. This means that machines are running constantly below their potential. To optimize this plus10 created an algorithm that can analyze and predict shortages or malfunction.

Our job was to find the best possible way to get this information to the workers.

Headphone App for beyerdynamic

Beyerdynamic is a traditional headphone manufacturer, specialized in high-end studio equipment. So far they have been relying on cable-bound hardware, but since Bluetooth is now also allowing for high-quality transmission with the apt.X codec they chose to expand their portfolio with wireless headphones. Wireless means digital and digital means you can easily customize your headphones via an app on your smartphone. Together with beyerdynamic we want to explore which features people expect and appreciate, to create a true added value for the user.

TV Streaming App Zattoo

Imagine you return home from work, but your favorite team is already playing. You might start watching the game on your phone in the train, but as soon as you arrive home, you would prefer the big screen to continue. To create a seamless experience across very different devices is extremely challenging, as an interface has to feel the same on the tiny smartphone screen as well as on a huge smart TV. But apart from the same look & feel an interface needs also to emphasize on the strengths and differences of the devices in terms of interactions.