Is everyone up-to-date?

When we started our collaboration with beyerdynamic they already had bluetooth headphones released. Unfortunately there was no plan on how to bring software updates to the headphone. Of course the most obvious way to do this is via the app, which we also designed. As this is not possible for the early models we had to create a tool suitable for this task.

Drawing some headphones

To better show what needs to be done, to get your headphone ready for the update process we needed to create realistic illustrations of all involved devices.

Key Screens – Connection Screen

All illustrations were used to show how to connect the headphone and afterwards put the device into an updatable state.

Key Screens – Summary

When properly connected a simple message shows wether you need to update or not. If there is an update available you can go to a summary page that shows the contents of it. If the features convince you a simple Call-to-action button starts the updating process.

Key Screens – Updating Process

During the whole update process you get an information what is included in the new release. The download-to-computer process, upload-to-headphone process and the install-on-headphone process is unified in one progress bar.

Key Screens – Error messages

When the unwanted situation of an error occures the current screen gets an overlay that explains the nature of the error.