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Sascha Wahlbrink / Florian Jörgensen

Our mission.

We believe that there are a lot of great companies out there that have great products, but struggle to transform to the digital age. We want to be the facilitators in this process to take this step together with you. With our experience we serve as ambassadors for the user, who is in all cases the focal point of all our design efforts. In the end every company that focusses on the user’s needs will benefit, because satisfaction translates into better brand recognition, more users and finally more revenue.

Who we are.

We identify so much with the digital transformation, because we applied this transformation to ourselves. We started as designers in an analogue world, learning all patterns that made you successful back then. With the dawn of digitalization we started from scratch and took part in the exciting journey to establish a new way of designing for digital products. Now, knowing both worlds, we are able to see the bigger picture of how a traditional environment should be translated into a digital experience.

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